We had intended to cover Managing Upwards back in December, during our sessions on writing reviews. As it turned out, while we barely scratched the surface on how to do reviews, it nevertheless took us FOUR casts. We didn’t want to delay those casts, obviously, in light of their time sensitivity. So, we delayed this topic until now.


Managing Upwards for the most part boils down to Creating a Good Relationship with Your Boss. “Managing Your Boss” is somewhat of a misnomer in our world view; tell your boss that you’re managing them and see what kind of look you get. :-) There is a lot to be said about politics in organizations, and whom you should know and whom you should stay in touch with. We’ve found that those topics don’t lend themselves easily to a simple cast if we want to give you actionable guidance. That IS what we’re about, after all.

So, we’re going to focus on some things you can do that will help you improve your relationship with your boss.

There are FIVE areas that we recommend you focus on in your relationship with your boss.

  • Boss Goals
  • Boss Communications
  • Boss Schedule/Time Management
  • Boss Work style
  • Boss Relationships

Today, we give a brief example of what negative consequences can occur as a result of NOT paying attention to these. We then discuss Boss Goals and Boss Communications. We’ll cover the other three areas on our next podcast. Visit this page for more discussions.